Why Nutrition is so Important

The Myth's and Analogies

No matter your type of training or lifestyle, nutrition is never just a ‘diet’, nutrition is fuelling your body with the correct types and amounts of food so that your body has enough energy or ‘fuel’ in it to perform properly. Think of it like a car; your body will always perform better when it has a full tank of petrol, this is the same as having enough food in your body. Also if your car takes diesel and you go and put petrol in it, it will slowly stop working and eventually breakdown which is the same as putting ‘crap’ into your body, it will slowly stop working. Your body always works better with the right amount and right balance of food inside of it.


Main Topic

Good nutrition a not just having protein shake after your work out to hit your so called ‘anabolic window’. Various types of goals need different amounts of calories and macro nutrients splits. For example most athlete and strength type training need a high caloric intake as they are expending a lot of calories throughout their day and their sessions. This is also the case for body builders, they need a high amount of calories due to the fact that their main purpose is to put muscle on, which you need protein, fats and carbohydrates to do so… NOT just protein like everyone thinks.

In a lot of cases when gym goers train, they are under eating; under eating is detrimental to any type of goal, for example if you are trying to put muscle and size on and you’re not eating enough calories your body does not have the calories to do what you want it to do. So you can do as many drop sets and supersets as you like, you will not grow. Also What a lot of people don’t realise is that if you are trying to drop weight or lose body fat you may not be eating enough either. In some cases a lot of people will be in a huge caloric deficit. This doesn’t need to happen! If you go into too much of a caloric deficit your body will stop dropping weight and it will start to store it people. When your body stores it; this is your body going into starvation mode where it stores all of the glycogen it has as it doesn’t know when the next meal is coming. This is why it is important to eat enough calories and to eat regularly as well.


The Science

We all know that you need a high protein diet if you want to do most types of training, building muscles needs high protein and if you’re training for a Specific event you will also need high protein. This is due to the breakdown of muscle tissue when training. Eating enough protein well help to provide your muscles with the correct amino acids so that they are ready to go again when needed. However this does not mean that you need to ‘demonise’ the other macro nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates. You need carbohydrates for energy, they can provide long term and short term energy bursts, but what a lot of people don’t know is that they are a vital building block for muscle growth. Very simply, carbohydrates breakdown into glucose and gets stored as glycogen. The glucose travels around the veins and transports vital proteins that the body has eaten. If there is no carbs in the body then how do you expect for your protein to be transported to the damaged muscles?

What about Fats then? Are they important?

Fats are also important… Fats should never be taken out of a diet as it is very dangerous for the body. Fat helps to regulate hormone releases in the body so if you are low on fats then your body doesn’t control it self as well as it should. This is even more important in women, this is because fats are vital for regulation of blood if you don’t have enough fats in your body as a women then it can cause menstrual problem. It can completely upset this process and even stop it.

So everyone, work out your calories and stick to them if you don’t know how to do that then speak to us and well be happy to help!

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