Hit a plateau in your training?

Have you hit a Plateau in your training? Don’t worry this is very common in any type of gym goer. A training plateau is where you hit a certain point in your training and you feel like you’re not making any more progress or you’re struggling to lift more weight, more reps or go for longer etc… Don’t worry guys, ‘we got ya covered’.

Feel like you've hit the wall?


how can you change your training to get past the wall?

If you feel like you’re not making any progress in which ever aspect of your training, then maybe its time for a change up in your work out?

  1. This could be anything form changing 1-2 exercises each session for different exercises working that same muscle, it could be changing your split so for example if you are body building and you train one body part a day then maybe try a push pull legs split which allows you to hit all of your muscle groups twice a week which is guaranteed to help you push past the wall.

  2. Another thing which you could do is completely change your type of training: this is a great way to create a different stimulus to your body. If you are body building training or even if you just go into the gym and do whatever, then you could change your training to types such a strength training, HIIT, or even circuits training.

  3. Another way which you could change your training up would be to start adding in drop sets and supersets.

  • Drop sets is where you are performing and exercise for a certain amount of reps and you drop the weight and start performing the exercises straight away. For example for bench press you would perform one set of 10 reps at 55kg then drop the weight to 45kg and perform another 12 reps straight away.

  • A super set Is where you perform 1 set of an exercise and then straight after you perform another exercise, usually on the same muscle but can be done on a separate muscle as well, like if you want to work antagonistic pairs such as the bicep and triceps or the quadricep and hamstring. An example of a Super set is performing barbell shoulder strict press for 10 reps then going straight into shoulder dumbbell lateral fly’s for 10 reps.

The Science

The basic science behind this is that when you train your body and use the same exercises and weight for a long duration of time, you are training your body to adapt , so when you get to the point where you can lift these weights with ease it’s great as you know you have gotten stronger or your muscles have gotten bigger. However your muscles have adapted so much that you need to provide a separate stimulus to keep having these adaptations. This is called ‘Progressive overload’ and is one of the fundamentals of training. When your force your body to improve by using a heavier weight, performing more reps or even training an extra day it puts strains on your body which it doesn’t like so overall forces it to adapt and grow he way you want it to grow.

So guys if you feel like you’ve hit a wall in training then pick one of these and give it a go, if it doesn’t work try another one!

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