FREE 3XB Beginners Programme

The 3XB System is the ultimate guided program, giving you a coach in your phone, Become the fittest version of yourself with this 4 week FREE Beginners programme, see if this style of training is really for you before purchasing!
We only take 10 Beginners per month so make sure you get in quick!

What you Get

  • Beyond Limits App

  • 4 Week 3XB Programme

  • Community Facebook Group

  • Access to members area, database of video explainers of all movement

  • Video at the beginning of each week to explain the coming program.



3XB Group Coaching

Get stronger, gain muscle mass, become leaner and become the best version of yourself.. simple as that. The 3XB Programme provides you with functional strength & conditioning training, individualised nutrition targets, detailed video tutorials and 24h support by our coaches and a Group of like minded individuals around the globe doing the same workouts as you!

When you sign up you will be entered into the programme exactly where everyone else is! 

This programme is for people who want to improve their overall Fitness, look better, feel better learn new skills .

You will need basic knowledge of lifts such as Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press and 

What you get:

​ In Addition to The 3XB System you also get:​

  • New Training Plan every 4 weeks

  • Nutrition Advice and Tracking

  • Stats Tracking - PR’s, Body Measurements, Weight, Progress Photos

  • Form checks on all               Movements

  • Video at the beginning of each 12 week block to explain the plan and outcomes

  • Videos every phase to explain

  • Facebook Community HubAccess to Members area with a database of all movements



1-1 Personal Online Coaching

Become the best version of yourself with an Individual plan tailored to your goals and a dedicated Beyond Limits Coach by your side!

What You Get:

In addition to the 3XB Group Coaching you also get:

  • Individual Training Plan

  • Weekly videos from your coach, giving you personalised tips and hints and commenting on your progress

  • Book a call anytime with your coach to discuss anything you need

  • Individual videos at the beginning of each training phase explaining whats to come



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