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Our History!

Beyond Limits Coach was born from the vision of our Founders Mitchell Baldock and Sean Laidlaw who wanted to create a place where they could share their life experiences as a firefighter and Soldier as a  Bomb Disposal Expert to show people just what they could achieve when they were prepared to go beyond the point of comfort. 

The first Beyond Limits Bootcamp was opened in July 2016 with a team of just two full-time Personal Trainers and a Big empty field!

Since that date Beyond Limits has evolved. with our unique training style and intense work-rate Beyond Limits is now regarded as a formidable force within the fitness industry.

Whilst results focused Group personal training remains as our core business, we have branched out into both the Events and online arenas.


We run regular challenging fitness events and corperate team building days, and our online coaching service helps hundreds of people every month who cannot physically get into one of our gyms.

Our vision is to change as many lives as we can by helping people develop a beyond limits mindset. Showing them how to adopt and utilise the Beyond limits 3XB system to completely Transform their life.